Delphian Prepares Rescue Animals for Winter

Delphian upper school students, Colin Koenig, Michael Sun, Robert Maslenikov and Vlad Kondrenko, volunteered at Harmony New Beginnings Animal Rescue to help prepare the stables for the horses and clean up the campus for the animals in preparation for this winter's cold weather.

Delphian School

Harmony New Beginnings Animal Rescue's mission is to take in horses, livestock or other animals that have been neglected, abused, face slaughter or euthanasia. They take animals brought in by local law enforcement or owner surrender whenever they can. They provide the animals with proper veterinarian care, proper nutrition and on going handling.

The Delphian student volunteers spent their weekend doing lots of hard work to forward the shelter's mission. On Sunday, they prepared the floor of the stables with warm pads for the horses. Moved debris across the campus to improve the living space of the animals and made additional homes for the goats already on the shelter's campus.

Delphian School Delphian School

On Sunday, the Delphian student volunteers moved pallets of food into the barn to keep it dry and fresh for the animals. Assisted in building a larger enclosure for the horses to give them more freedom to move, they also helped build a new chicken coop and much more.

These students spent fifteen hours of their weekend on this project to ensure the animals would be warm and happy as the weather gets cooler. Delphian students have partnered with Harmony New Beginnings Animal Rescue on several projects from mucking out stalls to visiting with the animals. Delphian looks forward to helping with future projects as they come up.

Hope on the Hill Community Garden

Delphian School

Delphian middle school students volunteered this past weekend to prepare a garden plot for the Hope on the Hill Children's Community Garden.

Hope on the Hill is a nonprofit organization that provides services in the areas of education, food, financial resources and community partnerships. They work to help community members meet their immediate needs while igniting hope and providing necessary skills and resources for individuals to move forward on their own path to self sufficiency.

Delphian School

The Hope on the Hill (HOTH) community garden raises vegetables and fruit for their food pantry which provides food boxes for families in need, they offer community garden plots, a children's garden for learning and discovering through the Discovery Zone program. They follow sustainable and organic gardening practices avoiding pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers.

Delphian School

Seven Delphian middle school students Rowan, Alek, Neo, Aragon, Muhahed, Ulyesses and Memo helped to turn a twenty by forty dirt plot into six raised planting beds that will be utilized for the HOTH children's garden. They also created pathways between the planter boxes with bark dust to create a nice walking surface for futurechildren gardeners.

Delphian School

Delphian students are proud supporters of HOTH and have volunteered at many of their events to lend a hand and look forward to helping in the future.

Peace and Justice Fair Vancouver WA.

Saturday, September 9, 2017 at Esther Short Park in Vancouver, Washington three Delphian upper school students hosted a booth for the Delphian chapter of the Youth for Human Rights club.

The Vancouver Peace and Justice Fair builds community among the grassroots peace and justice groups in Southwest Washington. They highlight common goals of peace and justice at home, in the community, and the world. The fair helps community members find further ways to dedicate their lives to peace and justice.

The Delphian Youth for Human Rights club worked to educate fair attendants on their human rights and collect signatures for a petition to be sent to the Department of Education. The petition will be used to persuade the Department of Education to include human rights education in school curriculum. This petition is approaching 3,000 signatures. They also handed out forty-four educational booklets and several DVDs.

For younger fair attendants the Delphian Youth for Human Rights club helped the children create a Handprints for Human Rights poster so they could show their support. They also educated the children about their human rights.

Emma Aaron, one of the Delphian students on the trip, said, " It was a very rewarding experience to impact so many people and inspire them to learn more about their human rights!"

Pre-Season Volleyball Special From Coach Kertch

Hello Delphi Volleyball Sports Fans!

Last Saturday the newly re-formed Dragon squad travelled to Warrenton, Oregon (near Astoria) to participate in the Warrenton High School Invitational. Some tough customers were in the mix including several from higher classifications.

The Dragon Girls played up against several hammering "Big Charleys" but hung in there with good serving, great floor play, top setting and Dragon Blast courtesy of Lexi Delgado & Company. We came out 2nd in our half of the pool play with a 4 wins, 2 loss record to qualify for the Championship Bracket!

The first comer, Colton, was met with Dragon Fire and went down in flames 25-11 and 25-15.

However, our next opponent in the semi-final match was none other than the Culver Bulldogs, a team that has consecutively made it to the States Final 8 since 2011 (and currently ranked #2 in our classification).

The Dogs were fast, bigger and heavily experienced touting a left-handed setter/hitter who moved and out-sized both of our setter/hitters (Eva Drazkowski & LouElla Taufer) -- Overall technical cumulative expertise visibly superior to ours.

Game 1 and the Bulldogs were ripping and shredding at high speed energy & bark. Time out: Girls this is a State-Level team with high energy & speed. Yep and indeed so, coach. You say you want to make it to the Final 8 at State? Well, yes, we do. Good, then I have one Q - Are you willing to play at that speed & energy level? Yes. Yeah? Like Right Now!? Yes!! Well here's your opportunity! We step up or we don't. "STEP UP!!" is the call of the huddle break!

And even though it's way too late, the girls start playing in a new harmonic: 25-13 the score. But something had changed & and it was clear that a shift had occurred with the Dragon-girls.

Game two and it was clear: STEP UP it was going to be! A battle royale suddenly ensues as the Dragons play in State-Level mode and start taking it to the Bulldogs, Dragon style!

Hard & fast, on the floor, dives, blocks, digs, bullet serves, hammer-pound,and back atcha baby! The stunned Dogs momentarily lose their rowf! but then realize they got a game happening and come back with their own Whammo!

The court lights up with blasto-rama as the Bulldogs try to shake off the frazzle and pull back up and away. But the Dragon ladies keep on coming with no let up and take the game 25-22! Wahoooo! Goooooo Dragons!

By now the whole gym is going whoa! and all eyes are on our court. The top Ref had long since halted all practice play in the other court. We have become the match of the day!

The 3rd and deciding Game to 15 -- The Girls in Green know the Bulldogs have recognized we are playing intensity max! Both team makes ready: the Culvers do not want to lose to us and we want to win.

Tweet! and here we go everybody playing "out there" fantastic plays all the way, back & forth goes the score in a see-saw of bump-set-spike, dig & block at high speed and no let up! We got fans, but no one's looking, the game and each play is the directed focus!

The Dragons pull out front keeping the "GO" going forward, but the Bulldogs hold and snap back with gnashing teeth & spikes to tie it up at 12-12--time out! Sweat and steam pouring off, Girls! We are playing Delphi Volleyball! Yesss!! The Dogs are playing with all they got, but so are we, and more! 3 points, let's get 'em! 13-12 Dragons! 13-13, & then 14-14 it goes! A missed Dragon serve! Argghhh! 15-14 Culver--the next rally & the Bulldogs pick up our play off the serve. Culver sets their top behemoth hitter who hammers one off our player to take the Match.... 16-14 the final.

A tough pill to swallow, but the girls know now they can and have played at "State Level" and with a top state tournament contender. Good job girls.

Immediate business ahead as a new team steps onto the court, Taft. And Taft we gave the draft as we blew on through 25-17, 25-13 to take 3rd Place in the Tourney.

And so went Pre-season. Regular season starts this week with a 3-Way match against some other state contenders: The Vernonia Loggers and the Central Linn Cougars. Time to continue the level of play we have established and give 'em the axe and scorch some whiskers!

Gooooooo Delphi!!

Coach John Kertchem

Dragons Volleyball

Delphian Alumni at United Nations Human Rights Summit
Forty-five nations were represented at the Annual Human Rights Youth Summit at the United Nations August including several Delphian alumni were also in attendance, helping to create the event as well as representing their countries as delegates during the summit.